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lundi 9 février 2015

European Foreign Ministers attack Netanyahu’s criticism of Iranian nuclear agreement

While the Israeli Prime Minister continues to ignore the pressure from Washington to prevent him from speaking in front of the US Congress, Netanyahu now faces unexpected objection from European Foreign Ministers, who claim Netanyahu’s criticism of the Iranian nuclear agreement

Despite White House Criticism, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin   Netanyahu  is completing his last preparations regarding his visit to the United States, where he is planned to speak in front of the US Congress. Meanwhile, Israel’s Ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer, who will be landing in Israel tonight in order to take part in a consular conference, will meet with Netanyahu for a series of consultations concerning the atmosphere at the US Congress and how to deal with the American pressure against the Israeli Prime Minister.
The unexpected message in this regard came from Foreign Ministers of other countries involved in the negotiations with Iran, who claimed that the Israeli leadership’s criticism against agreements with Iran - is not true. Senior European officials rejected Netanyahu’s statements against the understandings reached with Iran, explaining that Europe is dealing rigidly with the Iranians, and that without Iranian concessions, there will not be an agreement.
US Secretary of State John Kerry was in fact the one to agree with Netanyahu, as he believes the Israeli Prime Minister is right in saying that the time to reach an agreement with Iran is now, and that the signing of such a document will not be completed until consent on the issue is reached.

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